Friday, November 19, 2010



What is love in reality? You can answer this  by telling me that Love  is the strong feeling  for your husband, boyfriend, partner, family,  friends and so on.  What about when you fall in love with somebody that does not correspond  the same way? what do you do?

You suffer, cry and get depressed because you love so much. Not only does this person not love you back, but what you receive is only indifference.  I understand this feeling, all too well.

But, I can  tell you that there is only one love, the true and real one, the one that doesn't ask for anything in return and is always available to all of us; the one that will never leave you alone, the only one that is always faithful.  Because of this love, all things were made.

The love that I know
it is the real love
the one that comes from God
because He is the true Love!

Because of his love,  rain can fall
the sun is shining
the birds can sing
and they are flying.

because of his love
the world was done
the sky is blue and
a child was born!

Lyrics from one of my songs for God in Spanish, copyright, 2000

Friends, do not get depressed or disappointed because you think nobody loves you, God loves you always and He is there for you, in your heart, just find him!!!

God is love, 1 Corinthians 13.