Saturday, November 20, 2010


How do you describe happiness? when was your happiest moment? what did you feel? are you happy all the time?
Well, these are difficult questions to answer, don't you think?  Yes, because happiness is a relative stage in life.  What makes you happy today is  probably what will make you sad tomorrow.

Happiness can be described as a feeling of content in our heart due to certain event, for instance getting married, having a child, getting the job of your dreams, travel to your favorite place.  For some people happiness means "money" to own money or to win the lottery,  for others happiness means "food", if they have food on the table everyday, then, some people are the  happiest campers. Almost every day we listen to somebody, a friend or family member saying:  if I could have this house or this car, then I will be happy; or if I get married with the person of my dreams, I will be happy because this person will make me soooo happy!

Friends, I can tell you by experience that the real and true happiness is within you, it's in you heart.
Nobody else can make you happy but yourself.  If you are not happy with yourself, you won't be even with  all the money in the world because true happiness is found in your heart, other material things are relative, meaning they come and go.
So, how do you find happiness in your heart? its there, you only need to find it.  The answer is God.  Find Him, look for Him.  When you find God, you find your happiness because He is the owner of your heart and the only one who knows you before you were even born!  Jeremiah 1:5

I hope you enjoy your day,