Saturday, November 20, 2010


How do you describe happiness? when was your happiest moment? what did you feel? are you happy all the time?
Well, these are difficult questions to answer, don't you think?  Yes, because happiness is a relative stage in life.  What makes you happy today is  probably what will make you sad tomorrow.

Happiness can be described as a feeling of content in our heart due to certain event, for instance getting married, having a child, getting the job of your dreams, travel to your favorite place.  For some people happiness means "money" to own money or to win the lottery,  for others happiness means "food", if they have food on the table everyday, then, some people are the  happiest campers. Almost every day we listen to somebody, a friend or family member saying:  if I could have this house or this car, then I will be happy; or if I get married with the person of my dreams, I will be happy because this person will make me soooo happy!

Friends, I can tell you by experience that the real and true happiness is within you, it's in you heart.
Nobody else can make you happy but yourself.  If you are not happy with yourself, you won't be even with  all the money in the world because true happiness is found in your heart, other material things are relative, meaning they come and go.
So, how do you find happiness in your heart? its there, you only need to find it.  The answer is God.  Find Him, look for Him.  When you find God, you find your happiness because He is the owner of your heart and the only one who knows you before you were even born!  Jeremiah 1:5

I hope you enjoy your day,


Friday, November 19, 2010



What is love in reality? You can answer this  by telling me that Love  is the strong feeling  for your husband, boyfriend, partner, family,  friends and so on.  What about when you fall in love with somebody that does not correspond  the same way? what do you do?

You suffer, cry and get depressed because you love so much. Not only does this person not love you back, but what you receive is only indifference.  I understand this feeling, all too well.

But, I can  tell you that there is only one love, the true and real one, the one that doesn't ask for anything in return and is always available to all of us; the one that will never leave you alone, the only one that is always faithful.  Because of this love, all things were made.

The love that I know
it is the real love
the one that comes from God
because He is the true Love!

Because of his love,  rain can fall
the sun is shining
the birds can sing
and they are flying.

because of his love
the world was done
the sky is blue and
a child was born!

Lyrics from one of my songs for God in Spanish, copyright, 2000

Friends, do not get depressed or disappointed because you think nobody loves you, God loves you always and He is there for you, in your heart, just find him!!!

God is love, 1 Corinthians 13.



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Believe it or not

Good morning friends, 

You won't believe what happened to me this morning!!!
I was in the gym at 6 a.m. for my work out routine.  I was there just trying to sweat in the treadmill as usual, this is very difficult for me, by the way. Everything was cool, no problems, but suddenly this person came to work out next to me and O.M.G., you can not imagine the disgusting smell that made me  feel like I wanted to throw up,  right there on the treadmill.
Personal hygiene is very important for our health, people.  We need to be sure we take a good bath or shower and brush  your  teeth every morning  before going out, even if  you're going to the gym to sweat. Maybe you don't smell your own personal odor in the morning because you're use to it, but others do and it is very disgusting.  We need to have consideration for others, if you don't do it for yourself, just do it  for  the people around you.  Now, lets make it clear, its not just brushing your teeth and taking a shower,its making sure you're are doing it WELL!!

That is all for now,


Monday, November 15, 2010

When my mother passed away

I was only 3 years old when my mother passed away in a car accident.  The only memory I have of her is from that awful day.  She was going to travel by car from the little town we  used to live  in to the nearest city.  I was crying a lot because I wanted to go with her. The only reason I calmed down is because she told me that she will bring me a beautiful doll from her trip.  I remember that after that, I stayed happy and calm.  Later, in the afternoon, it was like 2 or 3 p.m. when there was a lot of noises; my family and friends were crying in the house.  I didn't understand what was happening;  then, I was laying down on a little bed with a doll in my arms when I saw two men holding the body of my mother.  
Her body was completely destroyed and covered in blood. Then, another person, held me up in a hurry and took me out of the room. I can not even describe the terrible impression I suffered when I saw my mother  like that.  It was the most horrifying experience I've ever had in my whole life.  I was still a little girl, I needed my Mommy with me. 

Due to this terrible event in  my life,  I started suffering from nightmares.  Almost every night, I would  wake up  crying and scared because I couldn't take away her bloody image off my mind and my heart.
Only God knows how much I've suffered all of my life because I  have missed my mother so much.  He is the only one who knows how many times I have cried, blaming him for taken my mother away  from me, but finally, one beautiful and  divine day, He had mercy on me.

To be continued......................

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My beautiful name

How do I introduce myself? Let's see.....Well, my name is Ramona.  Yes,  now I can said it loud RAMONA.  Let me start by telling you that all my life I was embarrass by my name.  Most people around me did not like it.  Somebody told me once that it was a very strong name for a little girl like me.  In fact, other children in the school  used to make fun of me. It was as a young adult that I realized it was only some people's opinion and I shouldn't be bothered by that. Then, I discovered that my name is so unique, powerful, beautiful and as one guy told me once: 
"your name is so sexy and romantic, it sounds like music to me".   But not only sexy and romantic.......Yes, it is even famous. Can you imagine?
There are a lot of interesting things named Ramona:  movies, books, schools, community and not only that, but  famous lyrics and songs, in other words...........MUSIC.

Just to name a few:
  • The famous T.V. series Ramona Jersey Shores. 

        I am so proud of my name, I like my name so much and I  like thank my mother who is already with God for giving me such a unique, beautiful, romantic and even sexy name: RAMONA. 
                                      Thanks for reading my first post.