Saturday, November 13, 2010

My beautiful name

How do I introduce myself? Let's see.....Well, my name is Ramona.  Yes,  now I can said it loud RAMONA.  Let me start by telling you that all my life I was embarrass by my name.  Most people around me did not like it.  Somebody told me once that it was a very strong name for a little girl like me.  In fact, other children in the school  used to make fun of me. It was as a young adult that I realized it was only some people's opinion and I shouldn't be bothered by that. Then, I discovered that my name is so unique, powerful, beautiful and as one guy told me once: 
"your name is so sexy and romantic, it sounds like music to me".   But not only sexy and romantic.......Yes, it is even famous. Can you imagine?
There are a lot of interesting things named Ramona:  movies, books, schools, community and not only that, but  famous lyrics and songs, in other words...........MUSIC.

Just to name a few:
  • The famous T.V. series Ramona Jersey Shores. 

        I am so proud of my name, I like my name so much and I  like thank my mother who is already with God for giving me such a unique, beautiful, romantic and even sexy name: RAMONA. 
                                      Thanks for reading my first post.


          1. Very nice. We have a family of authors!

          2. I'm glad you like it, thank you for reading!!!

          3. Very nice mi suegra!!! Cant wait to

          4. Thank you my daughter-in-law, I'm glad you like it!!